Getting Your Ride On ! (In a strange place)

Today my son and I thought we would find someplace new to try out, he skates a long board and I ride bikes, so we drove down to a county park that had a two mile paved trail that crosses over the Alafia River here in the Tampa Bay area.

After going around the trail, we found that there was a cool little Canoe Launch at one end of the trail that had about a third of a mile circle of pavement with a nice BIG dip in elevation of about twenty feet around the whole circuit.

After riding around the circle, it was like wow, I hit 27 miles an hour just coasting on the downhill and then the elevation climb carried through around the whole backside of the circle to give the feeling of hill repeats for sure.

After a few warm up laps, I hit the gas and was able to hit 41 miles an hour on the ramp portion for just a few seconds, WOW ! That’s the fastest I have ever ridden on a bike and I was thinking that this little short course would make a very cool and technically tight Criterium course.

My son was really digging the downhill on his board too, a great father son time for sure.

In all, I did eight miles around the circle, dont remember how many laps, but it was alot of fun and totally unexpected. So how do you get your ride on ? Ever stumbled onto a Jewell in an unlikely place ? I will definitely go back for some more of that Canoe Launch Ramp, way cool !