Who touched off a war with The Two Johns Podcast? @twojohnspodcast (this is a joke, people!)

An open letter to The Two Johns,

It was pointed out to me that John K, of The Two Johns podcast seemed to take some offense to comments I made on VeloReviews. Being a fan of the show, I had trouble buying that. Perhaps if the FULL comment had been quoted on the show, rather than a piece taken out of context, it would have been viewed differently? Only John K can answer that question.

For the record John K: John Stewart is widely respected and actually delivers hard hitting points and insights, in a comedic fashion. He has made many a politician look like a fool and is bright and has a lighting fast wit.

So I’ll stand by my original words, which follow IN FULL:

The Fredcast: What are your feelings & insights?

“I totally agree. When David and I had dinner for this interview, I was frank about The Fredcast and The Two Johns. Its almost like comparing Walter Cronkite to John Stewart. The Fredcast is foremost a trusted news source with thoughtful editorial and certainly a serious and professional tone. The Two Johns lead with sarcastic entertainment peppered with solid racing knowledge and insights. In short I think they are very different and also reflect significantly different production qualities.

There’s no reason I can think of not to listen to both. I also enjoy BicycleRadio.com. Since they are a live recorded show, their pressure is on a different level as it becomes obvious when they are prepared and when it’s off the cuff, plus they are dependent on how well the guests perform. I can assure you that’s it’s not easy when editing is off the table!

One thing that I think would benefit them all is to collaborate. There are many high=tech focused podcasts who share personality presence in round table formats. Shows like TWiT and Crankygeeks. All of the cycling podcasts and radio shows are nascent and I think they would be best off by help each other expand their audiences.”

…my two bits. :)”

I’m still a fan and flattered I have the power to induce sleep. I gotta figure out how to bottle that!


That’s Mr. VeloReviews to you.