Biketoberfest Marin 2009, bikes and beer here we come!

The combination of beer and bikes…that’s a sure winner in mybook! Of course, I felt it my duty to track down this genius. Ifigured, anyone creative enough to best the combination ofchocolate and peanut butter, might be elusive. But alas, Tom Boss,the creator of this concoction, greeted my quest with enthusiasm aswe sat down to talk about BiketoberfestMarin 2009.

Tom is the Membership Director for the Marin County BicycleCoalition, a grass roots advocacy group dedicated to, “PromotingSafe Bicycling for Everyday Transportation and Recreation”. Marin,for those unfamiliar, is a beautiful county North of San Franciscoand is widely recognized as the birthplace of mountain biking.

Most famous in Marin County, is Mt. “Tam”, the centerpiece ofthe mountain biking experience and know to bring temperatures toboil between various trail users. In fact, about ten years ago, Tomwas involved with a friend who produced a film entitled, “SharingMt. Tam”.

The path to cycling advocacy led Tom to work with CaliforniaState Parks to open trails previously off-limits to bike riders. Heexperienced a good deal of success and was quite complimentary ofthe agency and process. Tom also started a campaign called “Sharethe Trail”, which taught mountain riders the rules, riding safetyall being courteous to the community.

All these elements eventually led to Tom’s involvement with theCoalition and the festival.

The event began in its original form about seven years ago withmore focus on mountain biking and also included a film festival.Moving forward, Biketoberfest has a broader focus on all types ofcycling including road, mountain and commuting.

Biketoberfest includes a hand built bike show featuring some ofthe very craftsmen who create these highly functional works of art,live music, food, retail vendors and organized rides and a pokerrun. Oh yeah, and beer! Expected are some 18 of NorthernCalifornia’s finest microbrewers. Wow, wow wow! Sounds like a goodtime, doesn’t it?

There will also be a raffle with the grand prize, a CannondaleRZ 140 worth $2,549!

Finally, I should mention for our female members, Team Luna Chix willbe leading one of the organized rides. If you ever wanted to ridewith a women’s pro team, here’s your shot!

Yes, absolute genius: Bikes and beer. I smell a VeloReviewsmeetup.

For more information, please visit the even web site. See you atBiketoberfest and please help Tom, spread the word!