Bike racing photographer: Danny Munson

Anyone who has been a member of VeloReviews since the “earlydays” has no doubt noticed the actionpacked photographs shared by DannyMunson. I caught up with Danny this past weekend to get to knowhim.

Introduced to VeloReviews by fellow photographer, Brian Hodes(aka veloimages), Danny has graciously shared his passion with ussince his first day in our community. As a full time contractor,Danny is fortunate to have the flexibility to pursue his passion offreelance bike racing photography and has been doing so for aboutfour years now.

Born and raised in Southern California, Danny earned his firstcycle racing license at age 23, has achieved Cat 2 status and iscurrently a 40+ masters racer. He has ridden and raced with andagainst guys like Chris Horner and Floyd Landis. His specialty isthe time trial.

The photo bug bit Danny when his brother bought him a pro levelcamera and he was instantly hooked. This began a pursuit of buyinglots of high-end photography equipment as Danny began to captureimages of his friends racing in the local SoCal criteriums. As hiscraft improved, he began submitting photos to publications likeVeloNews and his work has been used in commercial projects,as well.

Danny is driven to capture emotion. He shoots “tight”, trying tofocus in on the effort and the moment. True enough, looking at hisimages you are immediate immersed in the face of suffering, theeffort, the pain and the joy of road racing. I think you willagree, he is talented!

I could tell the Danny was uncomfortable calling himself a“professional” photographer, but the facts are that his craft hasbeen paid for and featured in print ads for companies like EdgeComposites and the Cannondale Group. Yes Danny, that would make youa pro!

Pressing Danny to admit his personal favorite photograph,I met some resistance, but finally he offered up “the shot”featured in this article of a Team Jelly Belly rider. According toDanny, “[the]… reason being that I was shooting on the coursewhere they went up a small climb and as soon as they came by forthe last time I threw my camera in my backpack and pedaled as fastas I could to get to the start line. The finish was incredibly backlit. I barely had time to set up the shot and had to trust what Iknew the exposure should be not what my camera was telling me. Itended up being my first commercial sale to the CannondaleGroup.”

Danny has launched a web site to feature his latest shots of the racersand teams he captures in the crits. The photos are availablefor purchase and you may contact him to hire Danny photograph yourteam, events and individual racers.

So next time you see Danny on the site, friend him and check outhis amazing photographs!

written by Jeff Helfand