About VeloReviews

VeloReviews’ mission is to help cyclists of all levels:

– Find the best products for YOUR needs
– Meet people who share YOUR passion
– Discover places and events to enjoy YOUR Sport

About the VeloReviews family of websites

VeloReviews (the website) was originally created by Jeff Helfand.  In the first half of 2011 ownership transitioned to the current owner Ross Del Duca – who has continued the passion and vision.

The goal is simple in concept and a touch complex in the execution. We want to create an environment for cyclists to share their passion and knowledge without elitism. Why call that out? It’s just a warning. VeloReviews is NOT a place for Members, Retailers and/or Brands to start flaming wars. If that’s your cup of tea, there are sites out there that will welcome you with open arms.

VeloReviews is made up of many different people, with many different interests. If you are looking for conversations about anything cycling related with fellow cyclists, you’ll probable find yourself at home in The Forums. If you are more interested in reading articles contributed by the many VeloReviews writers, then the main blog is probably what you are after. Maybe you’re interested in the latest news stories from the cycling world, or the sometimes controversial, but always entertaining rants of JustAnotherCyclist. Or maybe you’re more interested in finding a way to share your own cycling stories via blog entires of your own creation right here on VeloReviews. These are just a sampling of the things you can find here at VeloReviews.

Please enjoy the site and don’t be a lurker…participate and share your passions for the roads, trails and the freedom cycling brings us all!

About VeloReviews Media LLC

VeloReviews Media LLC, as a company, is dedicated to growing an online community and media outlet focusing on all aspects of cycling. We strive to cover mainstream professional cycling events, but, more importantly, to cover local cycling events with the same professionalism and depth. While operating as a commercial company, the VeloReviews 5 year plan has any profits generated going back into the business to help finance travel expenses for VeloReviews writers to get to where people are riding, nationwide. By building a community of writers who cover cycling from different perspectives, along with a financial base to support them, VeloReviews will be in a position to help spread the passion for cycling that we all share.