2010 Timbuk2 Messenger Bags from Interbike

Preview of Timbuk2 What’s New for Women Spring 2010 Line

By Jen Moore,VeloReviews.com

This morning I had the pleasure of taking a tour through theforthcoming 2010 spring line. With a new emphasis on hand feel andstyle and a continued dedication to functionality this new line upis sure to be a hit. Focusing in on women from college age to theworking professional and even mom’s there is a little something foreach of us.

First off is the Anna, a reversible tote with a screen-printeddesign (red on black) of a stylized step through bike on the sideand simple black on the reverse. This back is eye catching, funkyand functional. The bag is durable fabric backed tarpaulin and cantake you from shopping to the bar with an inside out flip. Anna isa double strapped over the shoulder bag.

Secondly we looked at the Swig…Cool name right? All of the newbags are named after the staff’s favorite haunts in San Francisco!Let me have my SF moment…Ok now the bag. The Swig comes in manycolor combinations and features dual entry for ease of lap topaccess and a Swing Around styling. One can simply swing the bag toyour front, pull out the laptop without having to dig into the bagor set it on the ground. The Swig is a stylized backpack that alsohas a U-lock pocket and integrated Timbuk2 bottle opener.

Next is the Q, the commuter’s bag in that it goes from pannierto messenger bag. This year’s Q design features fabrics that createa 14% lighter bag and a softer hand feel with the same durabilityof the ballistic fabric. The Q features an outside “commandstation” for all your vital cards, IDs and money. The Q also hasthe Swing Around design, padded lap top panel and back. With acolor range of black, dark brown and gunmetal this bag is seriousbusiness! This year’s pannier bags feature integrated hooks andVelcro straps to keep the bag streamlined off of the bike.

Another cool sub line is the Hidden line. The Hidden line up areall foldable, washable, and recyclable compact bags made fromplastic bottles. Made of rip stop fabric you wont likely find theneed to recycle them, but, if you do simply tear out the zipper andturn it in. There are three styles. The Hidden Tote with singlestrap over the shoulder styling and the added feature of a slippocket on the outside of both sides for ease of keys and walletaccess. Then there is the Hidden Brown Bag for your shopping tripsout on the bike. The Brown Bag, like the others in the Hidden linestand on its own using its outer boot as a base. This classicshopping bag is ready to go. Next is the Hidden Back pack, which isT2’s double strap shopper. And lastly a Hidden Messenger! It’strue! I saw it for myself and am able to imagine using it whenneeding that extra space for documents, books or just a quick tripout on the bike!

Other items you should check out ladies is the Slingshot! TheSlingshot can be worn around your waist on the bike and has a spotfor your U-lock. The bag is just the right size for your Kindle,most 10”lap tops like the Net book or six cans of beer! DurableMission6 fabric for durability and the newest feature the True Fitcam buckle.