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  • mobishop1

    Great post Ross! I’m really happy to hear you taking control of your Diabetes. Similar to you, I have Type 2 Diabetes (thanks family history). I think the message you are sending is a great message and it is echoed right now with TT1 andTT2 on RAAM showing what can be done.

    Trying to control Blood Sugar when riding is a challenge. Trying figure out if I’m eating enough, too much, or not enough. I’m sure that CGM will come in handy! At times I wish I could get hold of one. It would be nice to able to get and idea if the trends. But as both of us know, we have some good days, and we have some bad days, and no 2 days are ever the same.

    I wish you nothing but success with your move to pump. Please keep us posted on how it works for you.

    I had the pleasure of meeting Phil Southerland and James Stout. Both are top notch guys and strong role models. I can’t wait to hear it.