Interbike 2009 Trek Mountain Bikes Video #2

  • scottdedenbach

    Hey Tim

    Actually no that’s not the same. When you do that you have no idea how much tighter that specific skewer is tightening. What position would your lever be in when you tighten the nut to the resistance point? 90 degrees? 45 degrees? all the way open? The goal of this is to determine at what angle your specific quick release skewer tightens by 0.6mm. That is how much tighter you want the skewer to be once resistance is felt.

    That old rule of thumb (that I used for years) is really not accurate at all if you start to actually measure what people think is right when doing it.

    I know this is kind of a picky thing but I was just trying to think of something quick that I could do a blog post on and it’s a quick and easy thing to measure.

    Thanks about the caliper, they are really not that expensive, like $30.00 and are an essential part of any toolbox…:)