Interbike 2009 Ford / Serrotta video

  • scottdedenbach


    OK, sorry, I thought you were joking about it!!!…:) Ha!

    So, no, lawyer cheaters are not an issue. What this process will tell you is at the point of contact, and first pressure by the lever, what angle the lever should be at. You can open the lever more once it’s beyond that point. The thing to know with this is that all skewers are different. Some skewers will tighten the .6mm in only 45 degrees of closing. So for these skewers you should tighten the nut, after putting it over the lawyer cheaters, to the point where first pressure is felt with the lever at 45 degrees. Then closing the lever from that point will tighten to the right tension. Other skewers might take 135 degrees to close the .6mm. Once you figure out how far it takes your skewers to tighten this amount, you never need to do this again. In the pictures, that campy skewer takes 90 degrees of closing to tighten by the .6mm.

    So just open your skewers enough to get around the cheaters then tighten until closing the lever first gets pressure at the determined angle, then close the lever and your set. You know the wheel is tight enough and not over tight.

    OK, sorry for the confusion, I guess I should have made the post clearer.