Felt Racing Bikes – Interbike 2009

  • rapunzel

    Dude…I have yet to get to 100 miles and you did 165?! Holy $(@#! That’s amazing – especially in THAT heat!

    I was reading your comment about heat index and thinking…he must have an iphone with the WC app. That’s what I consult for info like that, too. (I think you and I must be 2 techno/info junkies of a feather. After I unpack my vehicle from a ride, the first thing I want to do is DL my info from my HRM watch and study it.)

    I know it royally bites not to make your goal, and I understand the disappointment b/c it would have frosted me, too. Still, take heart in what you DID do. Honestly…how many riders, here, have ever done more than 110 miles in one day? Or ever will?

    Awesome achievement! :-)