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Brian Hodes ofVeloImages combines his passion of cycling and over 30 years ofprofessional photography to create one of a kind, artistic imagesof pro cycling as well as various races around the Globe. Whetheron back of a Moto or on the top of a mountain he has photographedmany the worlds top cyclists and Teams and is involved in manycharitable cycling events as well.
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    Total Prep Time: 22 mins

    The total cost for everything was about $32, BUT with the exception of the dried fruit and rolled oats, there are enough left over ingredients for at least 2-3 more batches. Tasted the spoon after I mixed everything together, AND WHOA MAMA IT WAS GOOD!

    I substituted applesauce for the banana (allergies), and used a mixed dry blueberry/cherry/cranberry combo for the dates. Everything else was done to the letter of the recipe.

    Should have the finished product in about 8 mins!!