Premium Rush

Saturday I rented Premium Rush from a nearby Red Box. That was a mistake and worse was I talked my wife and daughter into watching it with me. It is not a good movie. In fact it is the worst movie I have watched in a long time. So I will suggest some more entertaining things you should do instead of watching this movie.

  1. Take a nap
  2. Trim your toe nails
  3. Clean out your closet
  4. Organize your socks
  5. Clean your glasses/sun glasses

But if you need a bicycle fix you were hoping to get from the movie try these:

  1. Wash your bicycle(s)
  2. Go for a winter ride
  3. Plan a bike trip at Adventure Cycling
  4. Look at bikes online (if you need a start try Winter Bicycles)
  5. Watch some Danny MacAskill videos on YouTube

But save your mind and do not expose it to such a poorly written and made movie.

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  • Couldn’t agree more Jack. I had intended to go see this in the theater and write a review about it – but two things got in my way. One was that I was just too busy, but the other was the catch phrase from the trailer:

    Fixed gear. No brakes. Can’t stop. Don’t want to.

    That “Can’t stop” just irked me, and I knew I would be irritated by the inaccurate representations in this movie.

    Putting that aside, I went ahead and ordered it on demand the other day. So, irritation with the bad stereotypes aside, I watched. Not only does it not come close to accurately portraying anything about cycling (they even get the city commando cyclists wrong) it is just a bad movie all the way around. The plot is terrible and flat, the characters are undeveloped, and the “finale” is completely contrived. Hollywood fodder.

    • david Bussey

      there is a decent fixie culture movie on NetFlix. To live and ride in LA. (play on the 80s movie to live and die in LA) it was an interesting documentary.