USADA “Reasoned Decision” in the Lance Armstrong Case – Full Text

I’m sure this will be a topic of discussion here on VeloReviews, across the internet, in bike shops and group rides all across the country for days and weeks to come. For those unaware, the USADA released a report to today detailing the evidence it gathered in its investigation against Lance Armstrong. In the wake of the report, several cyclists and former cyclists came forward with statements and admissions of guilt – among them Levi Leipheimer, George Hincapie, Jonathan Vaughters, and David Zabriskie.  This report is huge – over 200 pages not counting supplemental evidence.

Before getting into commentary and discussion, I wanted to make the text of the report available. I’m sure emotions will become high for many people regarding this report, so starting from the source is probably best:

WIthout further ado – here’s a PDF of the report: USADA-Reasoned-Decision

You can also join in the discussion in the Forums – especially this one.

  • luvenia mccoy

    Ok we get it Lance armstrong used performance enhancing drugs. Lance confessed,what more do you want? I agree his metals,endorsements should be stripped. Why keep beating a dead horse?
    leave it a lone how many people have skeltons in there closets an never come out with them? There are more pressing problems going o in this world for example abused children,homeless families,globale warming and etc. Give it a rest already. Some people will agree with me and some wont but thats life.

    • Ross Del Duca


      Fair enough. However, this article was published prior to his admission.

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