Sad news, non-cycling

I’m sharing a link to a story about a football player that died during a home game in my hometown and high school Alma mater.  I’m sharing this more of a cultural study, kind of a peek into how folks in the South are really just that that, folks.


  • It sounds like he really had a big heart – that’s intended in the metaphorical way. I can see how he will be sorely missed by his family, his friends and surrounding community.

    A nod to the “folks” comment…I can say that when you get to know people regardless of where they live or from where they came, you come to realize that everyone has a heart…somewhere in there. Some try to hide it because of their fears and others are so brave as this young man. May more of us be brave and show our hearts. It makes the world a kinder, gentler place to live.