I rode my bike!

I went out and rode my bike today for the first time in over two years. The old green Cannondale, with a mix of Shimano and Mavic parts, came back out and took me on a 8 mile cruise around a few neighborhood streets here in Beaufort. Since I am no longer unduly stressed from my job, I felt great. I didn’t over do it, as I’m still nursing that bad heart valve. Don’t expect me to lead the group ride on Tuesdays just yet.

  • greencannondale

    I’m working on a work related blog post.

  • Good stuff, GC! Hope you continue to mend well and completely. So, you can enjoy more riding and exploring. Plus, I’ll look forward to your blog posts as you get rolling some more.

  • That’s awesome greencannondale! Glad to hear it!

  • Woohoo, feels good to get out and enjoy a leisurely ride after a while :)

    Sounds like you had fun and keep going, ride some more, you will love every minute :)