Finally tried a 29er :)

Well it had to happen :)

This past week I was in Melbourne, Australia as part of the Specialized Bicycle Components University Core class which I was asked to do as part of my new position with Just Ride bicycle store.

3 days of product info and incredible info at that :)

Each day the study was interspersed with a bicycle ride, Tuesday was a long road ride on a Roubaix with Ultegra UI2 electronic gearing, very nice and I was considering another road bike until we turned into a gawd awful headwind for the trip back :) you just don’t get the big head winds riding off road :)

Wednesday was a day of learning the workings of the FSR suspension system and Specialized 29er geometry etc. I really sink my teeth into mtb stuff and having ridden/raced hardtails since 1990, I was keen to try an Epic 29er dually. Not only did I try an Epic 29er dually, but an S-Works version no less :)

They sure were spot on in the course when they mentioned how Specialized have a lower bottom bracket height and shorter chain stays on all their 29er’s which really feels incredible when riding. What I felt was a very similar position as previous bikes I had ridden. The handling didn’t take me long to get used too at all.

Now considering that this bike was new to me in EVERY way, as in it was a dual suspension, 29er, fitted with tyres I have never ridden, and the brakes were opposite to how I run them (I run R/H rear brake) this thing was a rocket ship :)                           Oh, we were riding trails I have never seen too.

Within a very short period of time I had gone from being quite tentative and unsure as to the handling to flying along with a huge grin factor going on :) I did lower the tyre pressures shortly in to the ride which made the tyres stick more when cornering, other than that I must say that Specialized 29er Epic was super impressive.

Now I just have to figure out if I want a racer style Epic or something more forgiving like the Carbon Camber or maybe the Carbon Stumpjumper :)

  • Al

    About damn time!!

  • greencannondale

    My new shop, Hilton Head Bicycle Company, is a beach cruiser and comfort bike haven, but Hilton Head Island is beach cruiser and comfort bike heaven. These bikes are what gets people back riding, and are gateway bikes to faster hybrid and road bikes.

  • Haha thanks Raps, not sure when a new bike will come my way but pretty sure it won’t be too far away. Just need to move a few other bits and pieces to make room and minimise the collection :)

    It sure was a fun experience, I did notice the bigger wheels climbed slower, but not by much. Having a head cold possibly made that feel worse than it was too.

  • Hee hee hee…You’re hooked! Now, you see what us 29’er junkies have been raving about! Let us know with what you end up. :-)