My new to me project bike build. 1990 Ritchey P23 Rigid.

I mentioned elsewhere on Veloreviews that I would be picking up a 1990 Ritchey P23 frameset from my best friend soon.


Well I got it :) and the build will start slowly soon.

In the mean time here are pics of the frame in it’s original condition :)

Just so happens that the size is spot on for me :) woohoo.

  • Flat bars for this mountain bike David :)

  • Are you using the road Bars or flat bar pictured?

  • rockclimber

    I am going to be taking everything off my road bike and putting on a cross frame for cross season. I know that I need new brakes, new tires and possibly a new crank/ bb.

  • What components Alex and what type of bottom bracket are you using?
    Lock ring tool to remove rear cassette (used with the chain whip)
    Depends on how specific you want the build to be, most frames need the rear mech hanger/tip aligned from the factory as very few are aligned correctly.
    You may need new cable inners and outer casings depending on frame set up etc.
    I presume you are using a set of wheels, bars, stem etc from a current bike?

  • rockclimber

    So I’m looking to do my first bike build. What tools do I need. I know I need a torque wrench, chain break,Alen keys, chain whip, bb wrench, cable cutters what else?

  • greencannondale

    I’m bringing boiled peanuts.

  • greencannondale

    I’ll be right over to help…

    Looks awesome. Ritchey always had bikes that were a just that extra bit different.