Pushies Galore 2012

This past weekend saw the annual running of a local cycling exhibition.

Pushies Galore has been running for a few years and continues to grow every year.

The day is a gathering of classic and old school bicycles and a swap meet or buy and sell for cycling enthusiasts.

Here are my photo’s from the day

Enjoy :) I did!!!!!

  • greencannondale, if I was closer you could have the frame and the Mag 21 fork that came with it. Size is 22″ though so it is a big frame :)

  • Holy crow…hadn’t even thought about aluminum bikes being grabbed for recycling money! I’ll have to share that with my local peeps. Thx!

  • greencannondale

    If I were closer I’d take the Cannondale frame off you’re hands when you were done. Local scrapyard (recycler) is buying aluminum bike frames for US$20 each! Lock your bikes!

  • It is in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia every July. Had grown a lot in size this year and has rekindled my love of retro and vintage bikes. I have a project that I am about to start, rebuilding a 1990 Ritchey P23 to look something like this http://oldmountainbikes.com/bikes/pics/473/p-23t2.jpg or this

    Just so happens my best friend has a frame and fork hanging in his garage from when he was riding it and I picked up a 1992 Cannondale M2000 as a donor bike. Almost the exact component spec from the Cannondale as the Ritchey back in the day :)

  • cameron

    Thats freaking awesome! Where is it?

  • Cool bikes everywhere that day and the bmx bikes brought back memories of a younger me :)

  • greencannondale

    Nice collection of bikes. Looks like there were some vintage BMX bikes from that epic Australian movie “BMX Bandits” starring Nichole Kidman.

  • rockclimber

    everything is good now.

  • Try the link now RC as I have put the pics up on flickr :)
    Yes raps there were some very cool bikes :)
    Might have to enter a bike next year if I find the right one :)

  • rockclimber

    I Cant see them.

  • Those were some pretty cool bikes! You must have had a blast! (…and perhaps wondered what it was like to ride many of them? I did.)