A fun ride with an old favourite called “Daisy”

Today I returned to my favourite trails at Daisy Hill, South East Queensland for the first time in over a year.

“Daisy” is a place with a fantastic trail network and with a great group of people upgrading and building/maintaining trails when required.

With a mix of fire roads and single tracks, and trails to suit the beginner to elite level of riders the car park is full on weekends. Fortunately for me I can ride a couple of days during the week whilst the workload allows me too :)

Some of the trail names are amusing with some being quite obvious and others not so!

Names like Koala, Chocolate Buddha, Wiry Panic Trail, Gillian’s, Turning Japanese, Stonehenge, 2nd coming, Tunnel of love and Ripleys to name a few :)

Here is a readout from Strava which shows the ride I did today and some pics from start to finish :)


If I look a little wonky in any pics that would be due to setting my camera to a 10sec self timer and racing back to jump on and capture haha :)



  • Apparently there is Poison Ivy in Australia but I haven’t seen any There is one plant we have that causes a similar reaction and for the life of me I can’t think of it’s name.
    We do have to check for “ticks” during the warmer months and “leaches” will attach themselves after very wet weather spells.

    Of course you can come across the occasional snake, think I have seen one “deadly” and two pythons in all my years of mountain biking :)
    There are the large “goanna” lizards and occasionally you may spot kangaroos and wallabies. No bears etc here though :)

  • Looks like a great trail system, Shane! Love the space on these trails. Course, I notice the big difference in plants, too. We have to always be on the look-out for a plant up called “Poison Ivy” – especially in the southern US where it grows more rampantly than in the Northeast US. (Some people don’t react, but for those who do, one experiences terrible itching and rashy, broken skin for about 3 weeks. The oil spreads far too easily. So, you can get it on one spot but infect other areas of your body if you don’t wash the exposed area thoroughly as quickly as possible.)

    Are there plants like this down your way? Or does poison ivy occur in Oz, too?