Oregon’s Willamette Valley may just be the closest thing to France without a passport.

Just had thet, pleasure today of taking a nice 51 mile ride in my back yard, the Willamette River Valley.  the weather was perfect (72) and after ALL the rain we had in the last 60 days, there was not a thing that was NOT green.

There are hundreds of farms of small to medium size, and a small town or hamlet every 10 miles.  there are even 20-30 wineries within 50 miles. the area is full of Flats, rollers, and big climbs if thats what you want, all from the same starting place.

the sights and smells of todays ride reminded me of the European  Tours and their open rural roads between towns.  Green Grasses, fields of flowers, cows and horses.


What a great day and a great place to be able to ride a bike.  the cold wet dark winter was almost worth it.


  • David, I’ve had some nice rides like this, lately – where the bright green of all the fresh foliage is eye-popping. You wish you would revel in it during every ride. (Alas then, that would take the specialness out of it, at the same time.)

    Last month, I took a rider to a territory new to him but “old hat” to me. He was simply beside himself with the beauty of the area and couldn’t get over the difference of it to where he lives (and usually rides). It made me see the area in a new light and give it more appreciation that I have, lately.

    Again, glad you had such a great ride!

  • Chico Brian

    True…very true. Except your Pinot is better!