National Bike Summit

I am heading to the National Bike Summit this week. I will be posting as often as I can from the National Bike Summit. I created a new Advocacy group for this. Join up and invite your VeloReviews friends. Here is the basic schedule for the week.

Tuesday: Hopefully joining the last leg of Ride On Washington
Wednesday: Getting on message with the Bike League and others
Thursday: Visiting Capitol Hill
Friday: Ride with staff, Congressmen and Senators

Hopefully I’ll meet some interesting people and be able to share with everyone on VeloReviews.


  • I know the current transportation budget directs 1.5% to biking and walking. I am not sure what amount actually gets spent once you jump through hoops, but I recently the local groups and states have figured out how to spend most of it. Sometimes the money is spent just keeping intersections from being uncrossable by pedestrians. It isn’t all bike lanes and mixed use paths.

  • Chico Brian

    Jack, I’m really interested to read your posts in this new and much needed group. I have a question that maybe you could ask about while at the conference. This has been haunting me since my last driving trip through LA where I saw dozens of new highway projects under construction.
    What proportion of public funds go to auto projects as compared to cycling projects (bike paths, lanes, dedicated overpasses, etc.). I’m wondering if that ratio is something in the nature in $1,000,000 to $1 or worse??? Could you just imagine if cycling projects got a mere $10,000 to $1? This would be a huge benefit to all…cyclist and motorists alike.

  • Fantastic, Jack! Looking forward to what you have to share!