iPad Bike Apps

Our fearless (he must be fearless to wear that facial hair) leader, Ross, is organizing reviews of iPhone and Android bicycle apps. Those are certainly interesting because a smart phone is easy to carry on your bike. But today I want to share two iPad bicycle apps. They are not for use on the bike, but I like both of them. In fact these two of a very few apps I have ever spent money to own.

The first is Bike Repair HD. This is solid guide for basic bicycle maintenance. It gives step by step instructions for many repairs and adjustments on your bike. There are iPhone and Android versions but I like viewing this on the larger format of the iPad. (Add your own Jack is old and blind jokes in the comments). I like to review things I don’t do too often, plus sometimes I help someone that has a different style of brakes, etc than I do.

The second app is completely different. If you had a collection of over 200 bicycles and you wanted to share the 100 best with the world, what would you do? You could hire a photographer and create a coffee table book. But if you are Michael Embacher you would also hire programmers and create an incredible iPad app, Cyclepedia. This shows the bikes in way no coffee table book can. Each bike has a picture that can be rotated 360 degrees and others that you can zoom in to inspect details. You also get an interactive timeline showing the bikes made from 1922 to 2010.


You also get 261 pages of original brochures, user manuals, plans, catalogues and contemporary stills. The only thing cooler would be riding these bikes.

So when you stop pedaling, you don’t have to stop looking at bikes. Yep there is an app for that.

  • greencannondale

    I have that Bike Repair app on my iPod Touch. I don’t use it too much, but it is worth the money for refreshing the brain after overhauling 2000 beach bikes in a row.

    BTW: excellent app if you know bikes.

  • My mind is like a steel trap – a steel trap that was been left in the woods for decades and is so rusty it just doesn’t work anymore.

  • Jack, thank you for this post! I hadn’t even had the time to look for bike apps for the iPad. So, it was great to read about two I’d love to have. (Okay, one I’d love to have b/c I already DL’d the Bike Repair HD app a moment ago.) The first one will help me b/c while I did take the Park Tool class (which was great, btw), my memory is no longer “like a steel trap”. So, this app will fill in the blanks and operate better than consulting the manual they gave us. (The PT book is good, but I like stuff spelled out a little better than most manuals tend to offer.)

    The second one falls under “just for fun”. Bikes make me smile. ♥