Members needed – help us evaluate smartphone apps?

Do you carry an iPhone or an Android based smartphone?  Would you be interested in evaluating some of the available ride/exercise tracking applications available on the market?

There have been many conversations regarding a comprehensive analysis of what’s available, but no one person has currently stepped up to do a side-by-side comparison.  Now, however, I’m thinking a different strategy is in order.  I’d like to gather a group of members together to try out one or more of these apps on their own phones and write and/or record their thoughts.  If you’re up for the challenge, drop me a note and let’s get the ball rolling!

  • Peter Ward

    Endomondo is worth a try and it is free.

  • Anything ever happen with this?

  • I have the following bike apps on my iPhone:

    Plus 3 Network
    Strava Cycling
    Bike Quiver – this keeps info about your bikes instead of your rides

    I could review Plus 3 Network or Strava although I am not a hardcore Strava user. Also I could do Bike Quiver. I haven’t used the others enough to say much.

  • I’m putting together a list. I’m looking for anything that can perform any of the functionality that you’d normally expect from a cycling computer including (but not limited to):
    – Tracking speed
    – Tracking mileage
    – Calculating expected calorie burn
    – Tracking routes (for later evaluation)
    – Directions / route mapping (for when you are riding)

  • Tracy Hale

    Hey Ross,
    What type of apps are you looking at? Both my husband and I ride, altho at different skill levels. I use an I phone and his is an Andriod based. We are in Alabama and I work with the Alabama Bicycle Coalition (AlaBike).

    Tracy Hale