The Absentee Bike Mechanic

I’m here, sort of.  I no longer have a computer of my own and usually access the web via my smartphone or iPod Touch.  I’ve been overhauling about half the fleet at work.  New bottom bracket and rear hub bearings, plus a repack of the coaster brake components, for all the bikes the company purchased in 2010.  This is an attempt to keep these bikes for the next two season.

I never ride anymore, but take in some work at home.  We’ve had nice weather this winter with very little rain and only 3 days near freezing.  Christmas came and went with the usual fanfare.  I even pulled off a scene from “A Christmas Story” just swap an X-Box for the BB gun.  I also acquired a second bicycle shop for my Christmas Village.


  • Good to “see” you, GC. Been wondering how things have been going for you, lately. Bummer that you don’t get to ride!

    It’s been warmer here, too, sprinkled with a few wicked cold days. However, we’ve been really wet as of late. Favorite mtb trails are closed. Have visited one that never closes…and will have to check out more.

    If you ever get to a library, they might have a computer you can use to write something longer. (If you wanted.) Just FYI and FWIW.