“Operation Pedalin’ Pop” Week 1

Well, week one is in the books on LHP’s moving in. Hell of a ride to say the least! That said, there’s still another project I’ve got on my schedule: Folsom Cyclebration. Its where @garyyoung and I got our medal haul last September.

I’ve already gone over the path I’m taking to try and hold on to as much fitness as possible, and here’s what’s happened so far:

Monday Aug 22

Did a studio workout of 30 mins of corrective bodyweight, and one set of get ups to the tune of 10 consecutive on each side. Lighter weight, focused on form and pretty much getting back into the swing of things after a week off. Sleep issue wasn’t that bad, and I had a lot of rest between reps to make sure there was quality over quantity. Still feeling the effects of my crash on July 31, but getting better.

Gym workout 1: decent power, range of motion/mobility avg at best, strength reduced due to fatigue/

Tuesday Aug 23

MVP Workout + Deep Tissue Work, unfortunately not in that order. We were riding Altamont Rd in Los Altos Hills, which isn’t too bad except its a gradual climb that kicks up to about 15-20% in the most enjoyable spots. A climb I can do in 6-7:30mins, on good sleep, pre LHP with good legs.

Deep tissue work wasn’t as brutal as I thought it would be, and I felt a lot better afterward. Therapist said after all of the stress, lack of sleep, my body started to go where it wants to be, not where I had trained it to be.

Yesterday the intermediate rider building their fitness the most dropped me hard on the first trip up. This is with 26×1.5 slicks on my MTB so I could have the 22×34 combo. Knowing full well the cold wasn’t 100% kicked, and I was tired as heck. Well, I got dropped the first trip up yes, but I didn’t think I’d get shelled out the back of 15 riders.

I thought I could hang in the front of the group, but learned quickly it was all about technique/form work instead of trying to pummel myself. Last thing I want is to get sick and not be able to be a good dad. Tried rolling out last night, but LHP had other ideas so we hung together instead.

Bike workout 1: no power, bad legs, bad heart/lungs from cold, hips not engaged, zero power (not even for high cadence work in a low gear), this project could be a little trickier than I thought!

Wednesday Aug 24

Hoping to get to the studio for a workout, might just play it conservative and do some yoga. But I’m thinking some KB’s may just be what the Dr ordered. More to come!

  • Al Painter

    Today’s Workout: surprisingly good legs, had to push through LHP whaling from 3-5am this morning and 4 hours of sleep, but it was awesome to be outside. The area where I live is really pretty, and the leaves are looking really cool right now.

    Here’s today’s “fun” on the bike:
    Time 01:58:05
    Elapsed Time 02:20:48
    Max Speed 39.7 mph
    Avg Speed 14.2 mph
    Elevation 2400′

    Great ride, goal was to pick some of the nastier climbs around here within 3-8 mins and go as hard as I could and treat them like intervals. Rolled out with a lacross ball this morning, and it seemed to help. Intensity was good, and it felt great to push that hard again. My Strava friends better watch out when LHP starts sleeping through the night!!

  • Al Painter

    Workout Update:

    MVP Workout last night:
    Distance 1.5 mi
    Avg Grade 1.3%
    Elev Difference 145 ft
    5 laps
    + 3 Westwind Sprints

    Legs were back online, and I felt like I was back.Lungs took a while to get online, but the Concepcion climb (.83 miles) was about the same as last time. PR is 2:37, and every time was b/t 3:15 and 3:30. Which for a sleep deprived human being, is pretty damn shocking, but welcomed!

    I had good punch on the sprints, and was able to keep the Westwind sprints sub 15 secs, PR is 13. So, all in all, a pretty encouraging experience back on the bike this week.

    I also switched back to my Look pedals because I pulled the cleat off the right shoe with the Crankbrothers Quattros I was bowering from Jill. Which I now need to replace….

    Haven’t worked out today yet, its looking like an hour of stretching while I make silly faces at LHP on the floor next to me!

    • Wait…what was that average grade again?

      • Al Painter

        Silly faces? About .0001 I think!

  • Al Painter

    Raps! Did just that today. Got out of bed at 12:45pm! I haven’t done that since college!

    • Good for you! I’ve hired sitters before just to get some zzz’s.

  • Ahhh, the best laid plans…. Yeah, babies/kids have a way to torching them with lightspeed.

    I like Brian’s comment (okay a couple of them), “…you’re about two steps into it”. Al, honestly – take a chill pill …and a nap, too! Take naps whenever and where ever you can. Besides…your child(ren) will give you reasons not to sleep for the rest of life, anyway. So, throttle back, take naps, and be kind to yourself. This way, your cycling buddies can figure out what you’re saying on rides. ;)

  • Brian Moriarty

    Wow you are hard on yourself. This fatherhood thing is an ultra marathon – like commitment and you’re about two steps into it. Be patient and kind to yourself right now, don’t add unnecessary stress.

    When LHP sleeps a little more and longer, etc., you can amp up the intensity and you’ll find a good routine. For right now do yourself a favor and just try to get out as best you can, realizing there’s likely going to be a little slippage in fitness.

    You were pretty hilarious yesterday on the bike — incoherent babbling and slow. Thought I saw some drool, but not sure.

    • Al Painter

      I told Jill about what you said, and she laughed her butt off.

      “I like Brian, he’s so nice” is what she said.

    • Brian Moriarty

      You’re obviously enjoying fatherhood, which is great, so do it in whatever self-destructive way you best see fit :-)