Ever forget something for your ride?

I went out this morning for a nice workout ride.  all seemed well.

I have occasionally forgotten something, the cell phone, pump, tube, seat bag, you name it.  Well this ride, on this morning was different.  It was pretty dark when I left the house, front and back lights blazing, setting out for a double 11 mile loop around town.  well about 5.5 miles in I had an itch on my head, under my helmet right between the vents where ive had an itch many times before.  well this time was different.  I reach my left hand up to find the hole in the helmet and wow what a great shot, right to the scalp.  but wait Ive never missed the edges of the vent entirely… 



I likely didnt notice as it was warm out, and my cycling cap blocked the wind.  My second thought was I could die out here.  Of course half way home I had not choice but to keep riding.  many thoughts went through my head, am I protected enough in this bike lane? If I flat and lose control can I fall right?

Do I slow my pace.  NO.  I keep riding my pace watching and being careful, in fact feeling like I used to feel back in the day.  I never owned a bike helmet of any kind, until 4 years ago when I started riding again.  1970 thru 2007 I never gave it a second thought, road riding climbing, descending, at 10 crashing on a downhill about 25 miles per hour.  Never thought twice about crashing much less hitting my head on something.  Caution was not in my vocabulary.

Well I got the helmet to be a good example for the kids, and after 2 high speed crashes with cars, I believe in them. so I stopped at the halfway point, got my helmet and finished my ride.


Ride Safe.



  • Chico Brian

    Chico Brian’s helpful hint of the day: Forget the helmet…no problem. You can easily fashion one out of bark from a tree strapped on with your spare inner tube.
    The thing that I usually forget is my energy bar which I discover missing, naturally, when I need it. Over the years, I’ve been saved by kind folks who carry extra, a buddy who shares, and once a guy who sold me a 99 cent bar for two bucks. Hmmm, next time I forget my bar, I’m going to think…tree bark. This could be a multi-useful item.

  • I have forgotten my helmet on a few commutes. It happens even more in the cold weather when I am wearing a skull cap and I guess it feels like wearing the helmet. I have to ride the rest of the way and ride hoe without the helmet. It is a little creepy, but I am not on the road too much.