Finally switched after a long night

It’s been a long night getting the posts, comments, user profiles, etc. into the new site.  In poking around it looks like things appear generally successful.

If you see any weirdness, join the Website Issues group and let me know by posting it to the group forum.

Again – thanks for sticking with us during this transition!

  • plochman

    My next story in the Florida Racing Magazine is going to be about how I was inspired and how others can get off the side walks (in their lawn chairs) and get out on the course with me. I think there alot of people who intertain the thoughts but dont feel like they can go through with it due to social issues like, I’m to old, I cant compete, or I’ll come in last whatever. Well I couldnt hardly walk two years ago so I have alot of motivation to not realy care what people think of me, I just want to experiance it and take it all in even if I was to come in last. Thanks for you comments to Jen, you are the coolest chick we got around here.