The Long-Overdue Episode #24

The long overdue episode #24 of the VeloReviews podcast will be recorded this Sunday, July 17th for release by Wed, July 20.  Get your questions into the Fitness or PROBIKEWRENCH forums now – as both Fitness Editor Al Painter and Technical Editor Josh Boggs will be answering your questions live.  Got commuter questions too?  Get them in the JustAnotherCyclist forum and get an answer there too.


Expect to hear from community members, and maybe (just maybe) a comment or two about that little race happening over in France.

  • davidbussey

    Oh Ive been dying for a new podcast.  only so many times I can listen to the old ones.  Ive been through about twice now.

  • chriswright

    Good luck mate.  All I can say is you still have to eat when you ride a lot of miles otherwise you will be like Floyd Landis the day before he ruined his career and bonk big time.  Just plan to eat a little bit every hour.  Al can probably give you some pointers.  I have my own plan, but I am diabetic so it will differ from yours.

    When you get off your bike and realize you have just burned a million calories, only eat about half back on with good recovery foods.

    Then go out and do it again the next day.