Keeping the Century Streak Alive

My recent accident has threatened to end my streak of months of riding at least one century (or longer) at 15. But I am now at the point where I am thinking of trying a ride tomorrow. My back and ribs are still a little sore (but the ribs are not worse from breathing hard), but they seem sore whether I sit around and rest or do normal things. Weight lifting would be out, but I did hang up a new heated towel rack the other day. I rode a couple of test miles yesterday including standing up on a climb. My back felt about the same as it had when I was fixing dinner, not perfect but not too bad.


Tomorrow’s ride would be a combination solo and supported group ride. There is a 100K fundraiser that I can ride to and from to make it into a century. The temperature (68 to 90) and humidity is improving tomorrow and the smoke we had earlier in the week from some coastal wildfires are now blowing towards Delaware, so conditions look good.


So I am going to give it a try. To get the miles I need I actually have to loop past my house on the way to the ride, so I can change my mind then. Of course during the ride there is sag support, so I could get help then if I need it. If all I have left is the ride home, about 17 miles, surely I can make it to 100 miles. But even then I can call home if I need a ride.


The alternatives are to not rest a few more days, take Thursday off from work and ride a solo century. And the last alternative is to break the streak which I will do rather than do something that further injures me.

  • jackbulkley

    The update from the weekend is mixed. I am doing OK, but I did not make a 100 miles. My back was doing great. Actually between the heat and my new setup stretching me ou ta little further (handle bars have more reach and I put on a longer stem I had) my back was feeling good. But 11 days of not just riding but not doing much exercise at all took it’s toll. My legs almost cramped coming into the second rest stop. I slammed lots of water with Nuun, ate everything salty plus bananas and some chews I had. Put a while later, around mile 50, my legs cramped up so tight I had to stop. I let those cramps clear and made it another 5 miles but going up a hill in even my lowest gear caused different muscles to cramp this time. A sag vehicle came by then and waited just up the road to see what I wanted to do. I decide not to try and push on. Perhaps I could have made the last rest stop and taken a long break, but given how my body has been slow to recover in the last two days, I think I made the right decision.


    Unless I feel miraculously better by Wednesday, I will have to start a new streak in July. I am at 2415 miles for the year at essentiallyy the halfway point, but given that I had 3 set backs I still have a good shot at over 6,000 by year’s end. As a reminder, since 2011 is a prime number the nerd in me wants to ride a prime number of miles. Luckily there are lots of prime numbers just past 6,000 like 6007, 6011, 6029, 6037, 6043, and 6047. I still see a very contrived ride at the end of December to hit just the right number.

  • alpainter

    We get the same conversations out here between mountain bikers and horse folks.