A Tale of Two Helmets

I related the other day how I has involved in a bicycle crash with another cyclist. Well my trusty Bell Commuter helmet did its job and protected my noggin. It has a small crack on the back,


a dent on the left side,


and a large crack on the left as well.


Looking at all this, I can really see how well it worked. My back has been really sore and my ribs a little sore, but my head has not hurt at all.


But I am feeling better.  My new handlebars came in and the new cable set is due tomorrow. I wanted to wait for some red cable housing which should look sharp. I got a new Specialized Echelon helmet and took it for a short test ride a few minutes ago.


I pray this one never hits the ground while I am wearing it, but if it does I hope it does as good a job protecting me as the last one.



  • rapunzel

    ::like::  !!  (the new stuff that is…and glad the old helmet did its job)

  • veloreviews

    Mixed use paths can be a rough experience.  Runner’s often have heaphones on, folks walking the dogs who are vulnerable and often naturally react when you ride by them…no matter the distance, babies and stollers.  You know the drill.


    Thanks said, the main point really should be…don’t be an ass to anyone for any reason.


    Try this folks…the next time you drive up to a stop sign or stop light and you see a cyclist come to a stop…roll down your window and thank them.