Tall bikes?  Down right commonplace.  Futuristic bikes of tomorrow?  Soooo yesterday.

But Wobblebiks.  Now that’s where its at!  (Can you hear the sarcasm there?)

I seriously don’t know what to say about these.  Here’s a quote from their own page:

“It must be difficult to ride”:

Yes it’s absolutely impossible to ride!

I can still convince myself it must be impossible to ride, even when I have just woven in-and-out of a crowd of people on it. That’s what makes it fun!

If the picture is worth a thousand words, then this video is worth … 49 seconds of your time:


  • rapunzel

    Hmmm, bizarre…but strangely interesting.

  • timothycristy

    I use a mix of MUP and road on my daily bike commute and responsibility goes both ways in ped/bike and car/bike encounters (I was right hooked and hit a car this morning btw). I always give at least 4 ft of clearance if the peds let me and slow down when passing.  On the MUP I frequently encounter unleashed dogs or dogs with leashes stretched all the way across the path, joggers with headphones on running down the centerline of the path not leaving any room to pass on either side who cant hear my bell or verbal warnings, joggers who suddenly turn around in the middle of the path without looking (thats how the one on the Katy trail got killed), and walkers or joggers 3-4 abreast blocking the entire width of the trail (many of which get hostile if you remind them the trail rules are single file when there is other traffic).


    So yes, cyclists dont own the trail just like cars dont own the road, but the other users (peds on the trail and bikes on the road) need to follow the rules and operate in a predictable and curtous manner as well.

    Here’s someone else’s take: