Back to the Bay Area

Despite my best efforts in the past, looks like I’m back to working in the bay area, while living in Sacramento.  The dynamics this time around are a little different from my previous Palo Alto employment, so I’ll be spending some nights in the bay area and some nights in Sacramento.  So what does that mean for cycling?  Well a couple of things.

For one thing this will put me withing “striking distance” of one of the best fitness studios in the bay – Integrate Performance Fitness – run by the VeloReviews Fitness Editor Al Painter.  It also gives me access to an entirely new set of roads and terrain.  I’m very much looking forward to exploring some new roads.  Any of you bay area folks have any specific recommendations for me?

  • rossdelduca

    Al,  I thought it only hurt until it went numb?

  • jaywjmitchell

    More proof that cycling community “get it.” Clint McCallum, a uniquely-abled MTB rider (and much more deserving of sympathy from stolen bike gods than me) was able to replace his stolen bike because of the generosity of Mellow Johnny’s followers. I was feeling great about my find, until I saw this story (via Twitter) “Burglars Steal Bike From One-Armed Man.”  Now I feel sheepish about my time in “Self-Pityville.”  And grateful, excited, grateful that I am only 18 hours from picking up my dream stead from the flea market. 


    But I now join the cycling internet community in wishing “good riding” to Clint.