Clear mind equals time on bike

Everyone is different, I hear friends say that riding the bike clears their minds when things are weighing them down. I on the other hand, can’t ride if things are not right and my mind is not clear. Major problems and changes at home have kept me off the bike for the majority of this year. I did manage to string a few weeks of riding together and took third in a circuit race, was feeling the strongest I’ve ever felt. Then the personal problems got worse and turned into 5 rides in a month’s span. Hopefully things will settle, this chapter will end and the new one will start, along with a clear mind and some pain, suffering, fun, and jubilation that only a bike ride can bring.

  • rapunzel

    Interesting that you posted this b/c I am normally one of the ones who uses cycling to clear the garbage out of my head.  However in April and somewhat since then, I’ve had experiences where going cycling (or doing anything exercise related) was piling on MORE stress.  In fact, I’ve got a blog post I’m writing on the subject. 


    Furthermore, I rode on Saturday and expected my usual endorphin release after the ride (and I really needed it).  No where in sight (or sense).  That was a VERY strange experience for me…and completely unlike me.  I will say that thankfully, I got a “decent release” on Sunday when I did a fat tire ride.  However, this is a very strange position for me, and I’m trying to find my way through it.  Not easy.


    I hope the joy-in-riding comes back for you, soon.