Tour of Cali Possibly Effected Tomorrow

Snow at Lake Tahoe

Photo via UnitedHealthcare-Maxxis rider Rory Sutherland

Stage 1 of the Amgen Tour of California was unfortunately canceled due to the risks presented to riders, spectators and staff by winter-like weather conditions.  Many riders expressed their agreement that the cancellation of stage 1 was the right thing to do.  This was further underscored by reports that as many as 6 race marshals may have been involved in an incident or incidents resulting in their motorcycles crashing in the slippery conditions.  There are no reported injuries as a result of these crashes.

However, while stage 1 is behind us, there is still risk of potential impact on tomorrow’s stage 2.

Current predictions are for a 50% chance of snow at Donner Pass – the highest elevation of the route.  At a press conference on Monday following the stage 1 cancellations, officials stated that a plan ‘B’ was already in place for the second day of racing.  Given that the rest of stage 2 is mostly downhill after Donner Summit, this plan B could possibly be a modification of the starting location.

Stage 2 diverts off of the path of Interstate 80 onto CA Highway 20.  The descent into the valley continues through Nevada City before finally turning south for the flat run up to Sacramento.  The course does a loop around the state capitol building as it has done in past years, and is likely to result in a sprint finish to the line.

  • jaywjmitchell



    I agree with you about the bus driver’s lack of response.  His lack of response was really troubling because he saw which guy put which bike on the bus.  Indifference that was criminal.  But part of a continuum for our local bus company.  I have had several troubling conversations with AC Transit drivers that indicate that while they drive the most menacing vehicles on the streets of Oakland/Berkeley/Alameda/Richmond, they are individually the most hostile toward bike riders and bike rider rights.  The general attitude I have been subjected to (I never start these conversations with drivers, they just start venting when I get on the bus) is that:

    1. bicycles should not be on the roads with motorized vehicles
    2. bus districts made a huge mistake outfitting themselves with bike racks, they only encourage the lazy; put more bikes on the road in their way; put them behind schedule
    3. bicyclists don’t pay for the roads, so they should not be on the roads
    4. bicyclists are crazy to want to be on the road with cars
    5. They don’t care if a they have to veer into a bike lane to avoid the myriad potholes;  and don’t anticipate cyclists having to veer into traffic lanes because of getting “doored” or potholes in the bike lane.

    I agree, something is not right.