AToC Profile: Bissell Pro Cycling

Name: Bissell Pro Cycling

Status: Pro Continental

Team Web Page:

Location: United States


Previous ToC Results:

2010 – Paul Mach, KoM Jersey, stage 1.



About the team:

Founded in 2005, the team inked a deal with Bissell to be the title sponsor in 2008, and it has remained so ever since.  The team is made up almost entirely of US riders, but also as 2 riders from New Zealand, one from Canada and one from South Africa.


2011 AToC Roster:


  • veloreviews

    Hey Jack, great post.  When I was testing a demo model last year from Garmin, I had a similar experience.  I came to a four way stop sign, stopped and then started through the intersection.  Then a car facing me went straight instead of yielding to me (I reached the intersection first) and of course, I locked up my brakes.


    The whole thing came out as I uploaded the data to Garmin Connect, including a wild jump in my heart rate.  Exactly as you described, but fortunately, I did not get hit.