Was VeloReviews down?

Looks like we ran into a minor snag technologically that may have made it so some of you were not able to get to http://veloreviews.com.  If you hit this problem you would have seen an advertisement for GoDaddy.com instead of the VR content you were looking for.


The issue has been resolved, but the solution will take about an hour to make it out to the inter-webs.  Sorry for the interruption here folks!


For those interested in the technical details, one of the DNS records for the veloreviews.com domain was inadvertently modified during the transfer of the domain name from Jeff to me.

  • chicobrian

    Drats, just when I really started to click with the GoDaddy community!

  • rapunzel

    What I find interesting is how bicycling as a means of transportation has simply fallen out of our society memory and psyche.  50-60 years ago, bicycles were both recreation and transportation to a far larger degree than they are now (considering population increases and “market saturation”).  Back then, you were lucky to have one car and really rich if you had two.  Today, we take for granted to have 2 vehicles in one household [and even have convinced ourselves that we require it].  In fact, many households have 3 or more b/c of the “kids”.   Bicycle shops used to be prolific, back in the 50’s and 60’s.  Families were more likely to have a bike for every (or nearly ever) member of the family.  Now, we’re lucky if a city has one bike shop and grateful (but perhaps shocked) if it has 2 or more.  Furthermore, the majority of families don’t even own a single bicycle, today.  *sigh*

    Back in “the day”, those bikes had absolute uses.  One could not argue that getting to work, back and forth from the school/college/university, the grocery store, etc. would be classified as a recreational use.

    Make the laws better and the streets safer, raise social awareness.  I’m certain we’d see the number of people who cycle for necessary daily activities to sharply increase.  After all, who really wants to purchase a vehicle for tens of thousands of dollars (new) but loses its value like no other asset of which we can imagine.  Furthermore, this depreciating asset requires us to chuck loads of money in fuel at it each week, insurance (each month or year) and heaven forbid if something breaks on the darn thing.  Boy…we sure have gotten used to “drinking the koolaid”, now that I think about it.