I hurt!!!

Reffing 7 basketball games on Saturday left me barely able to walk on Sunday so I thought I would get out on the bike today to pump some blood through the legs to loosen them up. Felt strong on the bike and finished 70 miles at a good pace for me, head wind back home lowered my avg. PS, shout out to the p#*%y’s who like to pass inches away from cyclist but afraid to pull over and take the a$$ whoopin” they deserve, just hope karma takes care of them. I’m use to it and don’t gesture to them, I don’t want to let them know they rattled me so they can continue to get there kicks at other cyclist expense. Just once I’d like to feel the impact of my fist on their face as I rearrange it. Peace & Love everyone!!!

  • milesrobinson

    Welcome to veloreview.  Turkey capital of the world:Turlock.  I am a graduate of turkey tec and have ridden many miles in the valley.  I’m waiting for the snow to melt here in Michigan before I can experience the same motorist on our pot hole filled roads with no shoulders.  Good luck huntin’ down the culprit.

  • davidcliett

    Nice bike Bruce!  A guy I worked with commuted on the “Long Haul Trucker”….he LOVED it!