Chamois Cream – Love it or Leave it?

Curious…. who uses chamois cream and who doesn’t?

What type and why?

Road or MTB or both?


  • milesrobinson

    I have only used cream recently and then only on day rides.  As a tourist I used some to start a four month bike ride.  My short rotted quickly.  Leather chamois and organic oils plus god knows what oozes out of the body’s pores is a perfect medium for mutating some super bugs able to eat through anything. If I use chamois cream I wash everything in warm or hot water immediately after the ride and dry it quickly.  Butt Butter is as good as any.

  • chriswhite

    The #1 goal of CAT 5 races is to be safe. Districts are in charge of upgrades to CAT 4, but I know Northern California/Nevada you need to do 10 races, or 6 races and a race skills clinic to upgrade regardless of placing because CAT 5 isn’t about fitness, but I’m sure you’d like to be able to finish with the group- but chances are that will not happen, but it’s a great introduction to the sport… Hell Cavendish is the fastest man in the world and gets dropped whenever they hit a categorized climb. But yes, look into group rides and do as many as you have time for because that is the way to learn etiquette, pacelines, etc. Also a Road Racing Tactics book would be helpful for the same purpose; let the group know you are just starting riding with others and they will most likely be more then willing to help you out. Keep your expectations limited, don’t get discouraged if you get dropped- use it as motivation to get faster and fitter. Good luck!