Welcome to the new leader of VeloReviews! Ross “The Dooch” Del Duca

If you’ve had a chance to listen to our latest podcast, you may have just learned of the naming of our new site leader, Ross “The Dooch” Del Duca.


I’ve hand picked Ross to take our community to the next level and couldn’t be more excited for where we will all go together.  Please join me in congratulating Ross on his new role!


The Dooch’s Bio:



Cycling in my adult life started out very practically – it was a way to make my 125 mile commute to work (yes – one hundred and twenty five!) more tolerable.  Commuter trains between Sacramento and the San Francisco Bay area allow you to take bikes on board.  So I cut my teeth riding the streets of Sacrament, San Francisco and Palo Alto.
Before long, though, I found myself out riding just for fun.  The rest is history…
Here at VeloReviews I strive to foster a vibrant community of like minded folks who are just as passionate about these two wheeled devices as I am.  From long distance cross country riders, to daily commuters that may not even thing of themselves as cyclists, to mountain and cyclocross dirt lovers, to shiny legged Cat 1 racers – we all turn pedals with our feet, and thus all share a common ground.
Together we will revel in the passion!

Ross Del Duca
Twitter: @delducra
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  • geoffreyconradwhitby
    Chico Brian – If I have my way I’ll ride with every member at least once a year!


    See you across the pond in Blighty, Congratulations!

  • plochman

    You need to work on the Trainer with some good work out videos that are made for cycling. I’m into racing and I have all of the Sufferfest videos, they are like $ 11.00 and they have REALLY helped me get my arobic capacity up to race like intensity doing intervals, piramids and simulated hill climbs. Just sitting and sping is not going to cut the slinky intense type efforts that will happen in a race inviroment. I know that the other guy on here has a series of videos as well, I just dont remeber his name because he dosent purchase any banner adds but if you listen to the podcast, I think he is on there as a sponsor. My mind is blank at the moment. Are these Crits or just Road Races ? I LOVE the trainer because if done properly, its what I know I need to get better no matter how much it sucks. Learn to love the trainer just like a good headwind ;-)