May Is National Bike Month

The League of American Cyclists is once again promoting May as National Bike Month. So why am I talking about it now? To give people a heads up so they can find or better yet, plan and event for their area.

They have lots of information on events and how to promote them in your area.

Some of my favorites are:

(1) refresh stations
(2) ride with the Mayor
(3) guided rides on local routes

Where I work in Cary, NC there are various signed bike routes and a system of greenway trails. I think it would be great to have ride leaders to take small groups on the routes. This would show people some nice places to ride and let them discover some routes that could work for running errands.

What kind of Bike Month events are being considered in your area?

  • richarddort

    Maine has a great bicycle collision that works closely with state DOT.  They have pamphlets that have rules and suggestions for both cyclists and drivers.

    This a subject I have strong feelings on.  I feel the biggest problem we have is with predictability.  Lack of predictability in traffic is, IMHO, what leads to anger and road rage.  As a cyclist you don’t know how cars are going to react, and as a driver, you don’t know how a cyclist will react.  Because there were so few cyclists in the past, the ones riding could scoff at any suggestions, insist they knew better, and go do their way.  But it didn’t matter, because they were the only ones out there, and the locals knew them and how to ride around them.  Now we have a ton of new riders out there, and many feel they don’t have to completely obey the law because its just a bicycle, which is an attitude they carried over from the car.  Then they get scared riding around cars, and then refuse to obey laws because now they’re pissed off and feel cages just want to kill them anyway.  And then there are the people who don’t read the rules, and just take other peoples word for it, who are usually wrong.  So cars have NO idea what cyclists are going to do, because as a group we are all over the map.  We need, as a group, to act in a more uniform manner because if we don’t it doesn’t matter what drivers get taught, it’s not what cyclists are doing anyway.

    Some of this is that now there are cyclists everywhere, and its new to drivers and it’s yet one more thing they have to look out for.  Now, the old people will always be pissed off because things have changed on them.  But younger drivers will just accept it because it is part of the environment they learn in.  But really as long as cyclists act in a consistent manner, and drivers are told, “hey, this is how they act”, then they can move around us in a safe and quick manner and be on their way with little to no fuss.  And we can continue to en