Tour de Murrieta – 364 days out

So as I go from 2 Fat 2 Cat (4) one revolution at a time, I’ve set my sights on next year’s Tour de Murrieta as my first Cat 5 race. 


I scoped out the competition this morning…lean guys, fast bikes, flat course, cool air, cloudy skies, and not a pizza in sight. The line in the sand has been drawn, now all I need to do is go get my beach body. Tony Horton, step aside!

  • will1

    Last year the Texas state legislature passed a three foot passing rule which was subsequently vetoed by the Governor Rick Perry because he felt it placed an undue burden on motorists.  Yeah, that whole not hitting someone is way too much of a burden to bear…


    They say they’ll try again this year, but I doubt the result will be any different.