American Flyers

Rode on the trainer last night for an hour while watching American Flyers.  Despite some cheesy parts – I love that movie.


I rode 1 hour with an average heart rate of 169, 821 kcals, 91 average cadence.


Honestly, that was my first training session since last Thursday night.  I can still get 3 in for the week if I go tonight and tomorrow although I missed my outside rides last weekend.  Plan on putting in some miles outside this weekend though. 

  • veloreviews

    Hey Bruce, I took a very similar trip this past August.  Had to stay overnight in Burlingame as I came down with a bug enroute to SFO.  That is a long flight to Beijing.  Since, I delayed out trip by a day, we ran out of time to go to the Great Wall and Summer Palace.  We drove by Tiananmen Square.  That was it.  Saw lots of the same three-wheeled bikes loaded to the hilt.  The air was actually clear, but the humidity was brutal.  Then we flew to Nanning (Southwestern China) and the temperature and humidity were WAY worse than Beijing.


    I still loved it and hope to go back some day.