Monday – rest day

Wow – this wasn’t a bad Monday at all but I didn’t get a workout in.  This week is really busy and I need to get up around 4:45 am tomorrow to get a training session in on the trainer.  If I don’t get it in then, it won’t happen tomorrow due to another busy day – too many basketball games for one week :).


I actually feel pretty strong today considering that the ride yesterday kicked my butt.  One thing that was good last night was that I sat with my feet up and watched the game pretty much from 6 – 10pm which was good for recovery I think. 


This coming weekend might be a little shaky weather wise.  We are getting hit with a nice little squall right now. 

  • plochman

    Thanks for the heads up on tyhe Fazzari brand, thats alot of money for a mail order product and a brand I’ve never heared of so it would be very hard for me to order from them unless they had a showroom someplace nearby so I could go check them out in person. Plochman