Day off

Weather was terrible, legs were sore.  I took a day off.

  • rapunzel

    Send Josh an email.  He’d have some great insight…and things to look for.  For example, I know some mfr’s use proprietary stuff on their bikes, making it harder [or just more expensive] to work on them/fix them.  I, personally, cannot remember who does that and who doesn’t.  Ask Josh in a private email about it and other stuff.


    ITMT (and from my own rather humble experience), I can say the Specialized Tarmac was a sweet, sweet ride!  What a huge difference in energy I had after riding it for 50 miles (versus my current RB).  I considered buying it, but a friend of mine put a DP on it while I was out taking it for a spin.  He was riding a Bianchi steel bike (that he gave to his wife).  He and I talk about the difference from our respective bikes to that one.


    No matter what, I think you’ll love the difference in full carbon.  Let us know what you end up getting.  Can’t wait to see pix!