Having fun indoors!

Could have gotten out today if I really wanted to.  Two things deterred me; (1) I only had about 45 minutes of good daylight, and (2) I don’t like riding on my normal route from home during drive time.  Sooo, I “reveled in the passion” on the trainer for an hour.  Hopefully, I will be out on the road tomorrow.  It will not be warm (high of 34) but it should be dry and I can get out at lunch during the day.  Saturday and Sunday are hopeful too, but we will see what happens. 


I am pretty sure I stayed within 2100 calories today.  I used an online calorie counting tool until dinner.  I should finish that up and see where I am.  I am feeling stronger as I train each day.  I looked up the route that the race will be on – it is about an hour from where I live so I am planning on riding it at least once before April 2nd.  48.8 miles.  I am wondering a little if I got myself into something a little too deep but at the same time, if I wouldn’t have registered for that race, as much as I love to ride my bike – I wouldn’t have rode this last weekend because it was cold – I wouldn’t have rode the trainer for as much as I have this week which is the last 3 nights for an hour each night.  I probably have at least 6.5 hours of riding in this week and I plan to ride tomorrow for at least an hour.  That is probably roughly 3900 calories – maybe a little more.  If I can keep this up for the next 8 weeks and control the intake, may weight should be down to at least 215 for the race.  at 215, that is a ten pound plate that I don’t have to lug around. 



  • rapunzel

    If you like a little competition against yourself (and even against others), check out the Trips For Kids group.  What we do in there is log our exercises on the Plus3 network.  Each exercise logs corresponds to a certain number of kudos.  Those kudos equal money for the Trips For Kids organization.  Plus at the end of each month, a new “podium” is put up showing the top three people here from Veloreviews and what their kudo numbers were.  We have fun with this in the group.  Plus, I have to say that it has encouraged me to do more exercise in order to “get in the running” for a top position.  Frankly without it, I wouldn’t have done as much activity this winter.  As I read your post, I figured that perhaps you might like it, too, as one more impetus to get out and keep active.  http://www.veloreviews.com/group/tripsforkids