A Flat By Any Other Name Still Stinks

Last year on the first Saturday in February I attempted my first brevet. A 200km ride in a nice flat part of the North Carolina coastal plain hosted by Bicycle For Life. I ended up with more flats than spares. I had some new wheels but not new tires or tubes. I made it past half-way and had to abandon.

Tomorrow I will be riding the same brevet again. I have much confidence in my fitness, nutrition, bike and preparation for flats so I am confident of making the full distance this time.

Here is what I am carry for fixing flats on both my road bike and commuting bike. I carry two spare tubes and a Slime Scabs patch kit. For inflation I carry a Crank Brothers Power Pump and a Genuine Innovations Ultraflate Plus with 3 CO2 cartridges.

Besides fixing flats I also like avoiding them. Besides doing my best to avoid road hazards I run 28mm Schwalbe Marathon tires inflated to about 80 PSI.

Tomorrow will tell, but again I am confident that my tires will not foil my ride.

  • jackbulkley

    My route went close to the coast and others went to the coast. When I split from two guys I was riding with they were headed for Shallotte. Some of the even longer routes went to Sunset Beach. All of this is further south than Oak Island, but it is the same general area. I’ll talk more about my ride during the week.

  • joey

    Hi Plochman,

    I wish I were in your position! But, since I’m not (not even close), thought I’d humbly suggest a local (to you Floridians at least … he is in Coral Gables) custom bike maker who is on my wish list should that day ever come. TERRA FERMA custom bicycles has received rave reviews from the local (to us Seattleites) bicycle mag. ‘Bicycle Quarterly’, whom I just mentioned in another post just today, ironically. The team at ‘Bicycle Quarterly’ perform a lot of double-blind-placebo type tests on bicycles and Terra Ferma seems to have become the high water mark to compare other mass produced and/or custom bicycles to. 

    Good luck!