Oh Crap – What did I do?

Sitting here on Monday night just wondering what I did on Friday.  No – it wasn’t a drunken binge but it may have been something even crazier.  I registered for a bike race.  Been cycling for about a year and a half now – nothing too serious though.  Logged just under 1,000 miles for 2010.  Have already logged 45 for 2011.  I guess I wanted to put some pressure on myself to get moving.  I know one thing, I am scared to death about it.  I don’t think it is an easy course either.  Morgantown, WV April 2nd.  I am hoping to compete in five of the seven Appalachian Bicycle Racing Association Road Races this year so not time to start like April.  I just hope I don’t totally embarass myself – knowing the terrain around here it could be brutal.  I rode 28 miles Saturday and 20.3 Sunday.  Outdoor riding is out during the week because of darkness so I have been riding on the trainer. 


I had the bright idea that I would blog my training for the next two months.  We will see how it goes and if I can keep up the blogging yet alone the training.


On a positive note – I am excited to race and looking forward to the challenge.

  • brucemurphy

     Congratulations. By registering you have completed the hardest part in my mind. That and telling everyone you will be competing, are two things that should help motivate you. 

     Good luck with the training plan and we all hope o hear how you are coming along.

  • veloreviews

    I hope Bob will join the Spokesmens podcast again. We need a “bigger” voice to help shed more light on this issue. I’m tired of riding in fear and being treat like a second class citizen when I’m on my bike.