Sobering Numbers

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s Traffic Safety Facts 2009 divides traffic fatalities into three categories: occupants, motorcyclists, and non-occupants. For 2009 in the USA, 24,747 occupants were killed and over 2 million injured. For motorcyclists the number is 4,462 killed and 90,000 injured.

While the numbers show cars and motorcycles being much more of a danger to themselves and each other, there were also 4,872 non-occupants killed and 116,000 injured.

Cyclists made up 630 of the dead and 51,000 of the injured.

I don’t know what to say about these numbers. Certainly 30,000 families morning their dead seems a high cost. I did find that around 60% of the cycling incidents involve riding at night without lights. So just that one simple change greatly decreases your chance of being a number in a future report.
  • davidbussey

    Looks like the bike moving in the traffic lane is safer than walking & whatever the other non occupants would be (car surfing)  crossing the street gets alot of pedestrians.  I imagine the bulk of Peds are at night crossing the street…


    Id like to see the comparison of folks that are killed injured doing other seemingly safe activities.  Bathtub, baseball, football etc.  something I could show the wife and say see, its not that bad.

  • jaywjmitchell

    It is not the hitting a cyclist that angers me; leaving the scene of the accident then using “my job is too financially large for me to to to jail” excuse is beyond the pale.

    I have had a hard time keeping my rage over this story in check since hearing it on a November Fredcast.

    My question, why has this story not gone viral? This outrage should be leading Nancy Grace, CNN, Larry King, Fox News, MSNBC, et. al., and not just local Colorado papers and cycling podcasts/forums.