Bell of the Ball: My first outdoor ride of 2011

After three long months of being off the bike, I got back on today. I have been focsuing on building as much strength as possible with kettlebells doing all kinds of god awful evil things, running my HR around 180-190 for :30 seconds x 20 sets four days a week.

Today I saw how that paid off on Concepcion Rd in Los Altos. It is .82 miles, and is a gradual climb peaking at about 7% for the last 200 meters. Last year I didn’t break 3:30 until April, today, after 12 weeks of not riding, I did it in 3:14.

I am by no means a genetic mutant with uber DNA. But, by training the higher intensity energy systems with the bells, I was able to keep the short burst fitness I had from last season while building my core strength quite a bit. The next test will come on a longer more sustained climb, but I’m not as apprehensive about that now after this afternoon!

Oh yeah, it was about 70 and sunny!!


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  • jackbulkley

    That is a very good result. For now I am just getting some base miles, but later I think I should do some measurable rides to judge my progress.

  • rapunzel

    While growing up on the farm during spring and summertimes, I had the opportunity to meet a deer or buck on several occasions. (The family farm is over 400 acres.) My favorite is when a doe came w/i 5 feet of my horse and I. My horse wanted to go over and say “hi”. I wouldn’t let him b/c if the doe ran off, it would ruin the memory-in-creation. So to this day, I have a wonderful memory of a curious doe and my curious paint horse–a moment of pure gentleness, peace and serenity. One of those “all is well with the world” type of moments/memories.

    That’s what I imagined you must have felt standing there enjoying the break in the forest and the fleeting presence of that gorgeous buck. Thanks for sharing!

    Btw – congrats on your ride! You put in some work that day!!