Test Rides in the Snow

On the day after Christmas we woke up to 6 to 8 inches of snow in NC. That might not be that unusual for the mountains, but this far east it is quite a treat. I wanted to ride two possible replacement frames for my commuter. I had switched to a Bianchi Osprey but it is a little too small, has the cables routed on top of the top tube, and the rims are much narrower than my old Rock Hopper. The two bikes to test a Hard Rock and a Trek Mountain Trail. All of these are fully rigid cromoly steel frames.

So I thought the snow would be a good test of the handling. The better fit and handling are what I am judging them by. I am replacing the handlebar, grips, brakes, shifters, levers and tires using the ones I now have on the Osprey.


I rode the Trek first and it handled very well. The Rock Hopper was a better fit that the Osprey but the Trek was the winner. I have now  moved all the parts to the Trek. Today was an ice day and I didn’t ride to work because I didn’t go to work. I am hoping it will be clear enough to ride tomorrow.


  • jackbulkley

    I left the handle bars slightly loose so I could tweak the position. That was working well until they worked themselves a little too loose. I kept having to rotate them back into position. Now I have them where I want them, rotated the shift/brake levers to match.

    I noticed it is about time to put on some new tires. I think I will order some Continental ComfortConacts next month.

  • lennyg

    Better than the lottery…

    In 1984 I bought several raffle tickets as part of a California cyclist effort to give aid to drought stricken northern Africa. I won a red Specialized Rockhopper, when they were a new thing. I rode and loved that bike until it was stolen a couple of years ago. It’s story more better than the trick stuff that came and went during those years.